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Solution Central is where we come together to discuss the 8 Clarion Calls. Share your ideas to resolve the many challenges facing our people today.  Answer the Call and get involved in the forum discussions. You are the Answer for Change.

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Once you’re plugged into the community, you’ll be connected with other MAC Movers via our forums, groups, newsletters, and other powerful resources. This is your opportunity to meet and mingle with MAC Movers who are like minded, and actively working to make a change.

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By building an online community and directory, The Mend A Cit Movement is able to connect its members with Organizations, Small Businesses and Corporations owned by IAMN people who have answered the call and are actively engaged.

Our Visionary & Founder


Tabia Mawusi (Swahili for Talent In the Hands of God)


The Mend A City Movement evolved from her first  live stage play of the Mend A City Saga, “MendACity: Lies Left Unspoken”  produced in 2010.  “Mend A City” is a play on the word mendacity, which means lies.  Spirit whispered and told her,  “Tear the lies apart and Mend A City!”

“Mend A City: The Movement” the live performance art piece Tabia wrote with Xulee (Vanecia Boone) and Philip J. Lightfoot was  birthed out of the anger, fear and frustration the IAMN (African American-Black-Colored-Negro people) was experiencing due to the heightened awareness of the  social injustices of institutional racism and white supremacy especially at the hands of police officers.

The vision for The Mend A City Movement goes beyond the stage into the hearts and minds of a people in need of healing and reparations. Waiting on the Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill for our recompense is insanity.  We must take control of our own minds, our own families, our own businesses, our own schools, our own children, our our reparations.

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Philip J Lightfoot


Tabia Mawusi

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