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The core mission of The Mend A City Movement is to call The Indigenous American Muur Nation (IAMN) to Rise Up and be restored in the mind, body, soul and spirit, to be reconciled one to another in all relationships, to show ourselves approved through sound study and critical thinking as we Unify to Strategize and Organize an Agenda to become economically solvent as a people.

Welcome to The Mend A City Movement

We cannot continue to overlook the growing business of racism by the white supremacy while we wallow in relegation. Many years have passed, and we still preach, walk and act against racism, yet it doesn’t seem to be yielding any substantial positive result. This is a simple pointer to the fact that we cannot attack a problem with the same solution over and over again and expect a different result, hence, the call for a new movement, which is why The Mend a City Movement Inc. is established.

The MAC Movement Inc. is a Nevada based multi-faceted non-profit organization established for the sole aim of unifying Indigenous American Muur Nation across the world, empowering its citizens, expanding our business reach, strength and tentacles, creating landmark impacts and building people of high echelon who will compete with the white supremacy, win and create opportunities for our people.

The MAC Movement Inc. will be achieving its purpose via a number of strategically mapped out tangible and intangible service offerings ranging from; management and consulting, counseling, coaching, conventions, empowerment programs, media and entertainment production, radio and podcasts network, audiovisual and technology network, music fest and many more.

We look forward to assisting you. If there’s any question, or you need more information about the platform, please contact our customer support team.

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