Mend A City: The Movement PlayBook



Mend A City: The Movement introduces it’s reader and it’s audience to the African American Experience through out history.
“This is what happens when an undignified culture gets introduced to the barrel of a 12 gauge situation.”
Mend-A-City The Movement with its use of “rhythm and prose” boldly catapults its audience into an eclectic world of conscious spoken word and revolutionary thought. Speaking truth to power, it addresses many issues prevalent to all, and yet, ignored by many, blacks to whites and “gets in your face.”
The play, or rather this “performance art piece” was penned with purpose. To actively awaken the masses and eradicate the mendacity that plagues our nation and stagnate our human rights through White Supremacy and its doctrine of Racism.

The stage is a black box, blank, void. The content consist of Two Acts, each with Five Scenes all of which have Zero to Five Transitions.

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